How do we achieve a fuller experience?

Boarding is perhaps an inaccurate term for the personal atmosphere at Winchester. Every House here is its own family. It is extensive in number (a Winchester house has about sixty pupils), and diverse in its influences (Wykehamists come from many countries and their parents from many walks of life). Most of all, it is abundant in facilities, opportunities and professionalism.  

We believe that a great education should be experienced to the full and fullness is what our boarding experience offers. Full boarding may be a tradition, but in reality, at Winchester, it is a way of life.

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Interconnected community

Uniquely and historically, Winchester is not a centralised school, but rather more a collection of cooperative constituent communities in close proximity to each other and the main campus. Like a family home, each House feels intimate and personal, but is also professional. It is led by a Housemaster who lives in the boarding house alongside the pupils and will be central to their time at the school. In addition to their role in the House, each Housemaster is a member of the teaching staff, with experience in both the academic and extra-curricular life of the school. They are passionate about their subjects and interests, and used to taking a balanced view when some aspects of growing up may seem a challenge.  

Throughout the day, the Housemaster and other adults in the house are in regular contact with pupils - at breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as during evening study and before lights out. Life in a boarding house allows young people to learn about responsibility and independence within a supportive and well-structured environment.

Safe to explore

In a true boarding environment, every academic and extra-curricular opportunity is outside your own front door – not a car ride, a bus or a train journey away.  And, when you arrive at your destination, an expert will be there to greet you, for almost all of Winchester teachers are also boarders. They too live on site. 

Free time

On Sunday after morning Chapel, Roman Catholic Mass, or Faith Circles, pupils go home if they like. Many choose to spend Sunday at school, enjoying the opportunities on offer. This is a consequence of the school’s extensive recreational facilities and lively community of friends. It is also a testament to how at home pupils feel. 

There are two Exeats (long weekends which run from Friday lunchtime to Sunday evening) per term, that provide for time at home with family. In addition to the regular Exeats, pupils can also spend one further Saturday night at home per term. 

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“Living with your friends in a boarding house is a unique experience, and one that creates friends for a lifetime. These same friends encourage your interests and support you throughout your time at the school. ”

Austin • Year 13

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